DD Audio Iron-on Patch

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3" woven patch w/adhesive

Description: Step up your style game with the DD Audio iron-on patch! Put these on anywhere you can (safely) imagine -- your favorite jean jacket, t-shirt, book bag, tool bag, pillow, couch or even your shoes!
Features: Iron-On or Sew-On
Specs: 3" x 3" Woven Patch with Heat Activated Adhesive Backing

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Iron-on instructions:

  1. Place the clean garment on the ironing board.

  2. Pre-iron garment to remove wrinkles.

  3. Identify where you want to place the patch and how you want it positioned.

  4. Turn iron to the hottest setting with steam turned off.

  5. Place and position patch on garment.
    Note: If ironing on a delicate fabric, you’ll need a press cloth (heat resistant material)

  6. Apply pressure with iron for 10-20 seconds.

  7. Allow the patch to cool before checking it. You may need to apply more heat, you can try 10-20 more seconds, if it did not adhere completely.

  8. You're finished!

  9. Consider adding stability to edges with sewing.

    Note: It is recommended to wait at least 48 hours to wash the garment after applying the patch. Turn it inside-out to wash it. 

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