Shipping Policies

PLEASE NOTE: The DD Audio warehouse is open 9am-5pm US Central Time, Monday through Friday. Orders made outside those hours will not begin processing until the next business day, and orders received after 3pm are unlikely to complete processing in time for our daily carrier pickup.

Our shipping Freight Terms are FOB OKC, Prepaid & Allow.

What this means:

  • FOB stands for Free on Board and the city named next to it is the place where title to the goods transfers from seller to buyer.

  • The Buyer assumes title and control of the goods the moment the carrier signs the bill of lading. In other words, when FedEx picks up the packages.

  • The Buyer assumes risk of transportation and is entitled to route the shipment.

  • The Buyer is responsible for filing claims for loss or damage.  As shipper of record, we will facilitate this process and ask that you report issues right away. Inspect packages quickly to avoid issues with claims.

  • Prepaid & Allow means we prepay the transportation charges and they are already included in the price of the goods.  

    • The prepaid freight does include standard insurance protection for damaged shipments. However, this insurance doesn’t cover lost packages.

Lost Deliveries

DD Audio will not assume liability for lost packages as our freight terms are FOB OKC Prepaid & Allow. In other words, we will not simply ship you another product at no charge.

The process for lost packages is as follows:

  1. File a Claim with the Carrier. Carrier will do an investigation. This process is estimated 8-10 days.

  2. Notify DD Audio as soon as possible about the lost package and provide your claim number.

  3. We will assist you as the shipper of record in working with the Carrier’s investigation.

  4. Ask your neighbors and do your own investigation.

  5. File a police report so that it is on record that it was stolen. We can provide you with the serial number information and the police can put that in a database of stolen goods.  This way if the goods turn up at a pawn shop they will be notified.  (Verify this with your local police)