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Whether you want some crazy, mirror shaking lows or a smooth, balanced low end for your daily commute, our subwoofer lineup has something for every level of enthusiast. After all, it is our goal to build the finest audio products possible. We're dedicated to the ultimate performance of the product, no matter the lengths required of the design or manufacturing process.

600 Series Subwoofers
159.00 159.00 159.0 USD
SL600 Slim Line Series Subwoofer
169.00 169.00 169.0 USD
PSWa REDLINE Power Subwoofer Series EOL
189.00 189.00 189.0 USD
600e Series Subwoofers
249.00 200.00 200.0 USD
700d Series Subwoofer - EOL
379.00 340.00 340.0 USD
US Standard 1506 Power Tuned Subwoofer
439.00 439.00 439.0 USD
700f Series Subwoofer
459.00 459.00 459.0 USD
US Standard 2508 Power Tuned Subwoofer
549.00 549.00 549.0 USD
800d Series - 15 Inch - Subwoofer - EOL
699.00 629.00 629.0 USD
800f Series Subwoofer
899.00 899.00 899.0 USD
US Standard 9900 Series Power Tuned Subwoofer
1,199.00 1,199.00 1199.0 USD

Do you have a product that needs new life?
The unique part of owning a piece of DD AUDIO equipment is knowing it can be repaired! DD AUDIO has an in-house team of experienced service repair technicians trained in amplifier and subwoofer repair. They’re fully ready to get you and your equipment back on the road.

How do I send it in?
You can take the equipment to an authorized DD AUDIO dealer who can assist you with every step of the process, or submit an RMA (Return Service Authorization) request at . Our service techs review your request and will either send you an RMA or contact you with further questions.