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    The SLZ432 also known as "Big Skinny" is the latest in space saving big bass drivers! With the newest Z4 motor, this 32 Inch Subwoofer is capable of delivering 6000 watts RMS and excursion so high you'll need a ladder to measure it. Best of all, the slim design offers a mounting depth of less than 10 inches! Where can you mount it? Try the roof of your car, the door of your minivan, turn your vehicle into a hybrid infinite baffle / ported enclosure and let the bass pound you into the floor boards. The Big Skinny is currently sold out, so please go to DD AUDIO's Facebook page and tell everyone what you would use this thing for to be entered into a raffle to get on the waiting list for the next run OR just sign up below!

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    SLZ432 Specs:

    Speaker Size (In):32
    Watts RMS:6000
    Watts Peak:24000
    Impedance:D1 / D2
    VCD (In):4.35
    Piston Diameter (In):28
    Vas (Ltrs):1143
    Xmech (mm):100
    Xmax (mm):40
    Frame OD (In):33.1
    Mounting Diameter (In):30.5
    Mounting Depth (In):9.22
    Sealed Enclosure (CuFt):10 - 20
    Ported Enclosure (CuFt):15 - 25

    Introducing a paradigm shift in space saving bass drivers, the SLZ432: a slim 32 Inch Subwoofer with an internal Z Series motor, featuring a mounting depth of only 9.22 inches. With enclosures as narrow as 10 inches (by 5 foot by 4 foot), the applications for this 6000 Watt RMS monster are practically limitless!

    Much like the scientists in Jurassic Park, the DD engineers responsible for the SLZ432 bravely chose to ignore the “why” and focus on the “how”. The first step to building the SLZ432 was the careful insulation and isolation of the R&D team from those who feared what might become of their plans. DDIT alum Blake, Jake, and Drake were relocated under the cover of night to a newly constructed lab outside of Los Alamos, NM where they could build the device away from prying eyes. Only nearby residents could tell something was being tested as booms echoed across canyons.

    Finally, after 32 months of hard work and the tragic loss of Drake, who died following an accident while gathering specs for the Z4 “Demon Core”, the team had completed a top secret prototype codenamed “Big Skinny”. Small enough to fit an enclosure made for the bay of a 2019 GMC Savana, Blake and Jake returned to DD headquarters in OKC, where its raw power was demonstrated for the entire company. The marketing people laughed, the sales people cried… Jassa looked on it and said “Now I am become bass, destroyer of windshields.”

    While some may see the SLZ432 as a single purpose monument to hubris, Blake has gone on record saying, “this actually has many valid scientific uses. For instance, with an Fs of 15hz, this can be used for trans-oceanic communication with the whales we’ve trained to surveil hostile nations or even make contact with the elusive mole people.” …he really hasn’t been the same since we lost Drake.

    The SLZ432 opens up a new realm of possibilities for those with the imagination to harness its unbridled strength! Do you have a project in mind for a slim subwoofer that requires a 20 CuFt volume enclosure? Please, let the sales team at DD AUDIO know immediately… PLEASE!